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Like most obsessive music nerds, I've always been a little compulsive about making mixes. Yeah, I'm that guy who'd spend hours perched by the stereo making mixtapes, a box of Maxell XL-II 90-minute cassettes at the ready, taking great pride in concocting the perfect collection of tunes -- for friends, girlfriends, family; but mostly for myself.

Later, in the age of recordable CDs, it became easier -- no more staring at the tape reels as they spun around, taping the record in real time, struggling to find a song that would just fit onto the remaining tape without running out of space.  I went a little crazy, making CDR mixes of every variety -- annual "best of" collections, single artist mixes, "theme" mixes (songs about cars! loud songs! quiet songs!) -- totally filling up my shelves.

Theses days, I've cut way back -- most people I know don't even have a CD player hooked up, so there's nobody left to share them with. And thanks to Spotify, it's a whole lot easier.  No 80 minute time constraints, no permanence once you've burned the disc... though you're limited by what may or may not be available on the streaming service.  I still make myself the occasional CD mix, but I'll also throw together a Spotify copy for travel, the gym, or sharing with others.

You can see my playlists on my Spotify page... but I'll also be linking them on the pages that follow.  Enjoy!

The Year in Review 1

Annual "best of" mixes, 1966-1992

The Year in Review 2

Annual "best of" mixes, 1993-2019

Theme Mixes

Assorted thematically-compiled playlists.


Artist Anthologies

Single-artist mixes.


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