Spotify Playlists: Theme Mixes

Harmonic Convergence

One of my favorite mixes. I'm a sucker for harmonies, what can I say?

Is This Music? An Instrumental Sampler

Ideal for working, none of those pesky lyrics to distract you, but still chock full of great and varied rock & roll.

The Best of the Worst of the 70s

Hey, I had to grow up on this stuff.  Come revisit my childhood with me -- just some poor ten-year-old kid sitting in his bedroom, an AM transistor radio permanently perched by his head, assuming that this was the greatest rock & roll ever known to mankind.

Music for Insomniacs

I've been plagued by chronic insomnia my entire life. This helps.

Sgt. Piper's Satanic Odyssey: The UK Psyche Mix

One of my favorite musical eras; a sampler of great British psychedelic music from the late 60s.

All Glammed Up & No Place To Go

Gettin' that 70s glam thing goin' on.  The usual suspects (Bowie, T.Rex) and a few surprises.

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