Spotify Playlists: Theme Mixes

Harmonic Convergence

One of my favorite mixes. I'm a sucker for harmonies, what can I say?

Is This Music? An Instrumental Sampler

Ideal for working, none of those pesky lyrics to distract you, but still chock full of great and varied rock & roll.

The Best of the Worst of the 70s

Hey, I had to grow up on this stuff.  Come revisit my childhood with me -- just some poor ten-year-old kid sitting in his bedroom, an AM transistor radio permanently perched by his head, assuming that this was the greatest rock & roll ever known to mankind.

Music for Insomniacs

I've been plagued by chronic insomnia my entire life. This helps.

Sgt. Piper's Satanic Odyssey: The UK Psyche Mix

One of my favorite musical eras; a sampler of great British psychedelic music from the late 60s.

All Glammed Up & No Place To Go

Gettin' that 70s glam thing goin' on.  The usual suspects (Bowie, T.Rex) and a few surprises.

Do The Diddley

Dig that Bo Diddley beat?  Here's a surprisingly varied collection of songs all rocking that rhythm, everyone from the Who to Bow Wow Wow, Springsteen to Bowie to the Clash.

Goddamn Right, It's A Beautiful Day

Curated amidst the March 2020 coronavirus shelter-in-place, it's the relentlessly happy upbeat joy mix to fight those pandemic lockdown blues.

Paisley Underground in the 80s

Back in the 80s, I fell hard for all those West Coast bands who dug deep into their 60s record collections, updating the music into a blend of garage rock and psychedelia and Americana and jangly college radio pop.

100 Seconds Or Less

Honestly, if you can't through the chorus and a couple verses in about a minute and a half, you're not doing it right. 90 songs in 2 hours or so, none outwearing their welcome.

From Sister Ray to Roadrunner

The songs are built around a familiar vamp on an either 2- or 3-chord progression. The Velvet Underground rocked the riff for over 17 minutes on "Sister Ray" back in 1968; Jonathan Richman and his Modern Lovers simplified it and sped it up for "Roadrunner" (recorded around 1972, finally released around 1976); and Wire slowed it down to a dirge-lake pace for the atypically grinding "Strange" on their 1977 debut.

Music from the Starbucks at the Edge of the Universe

A collection of coffee shop-friendly tunes, predominantly acoustic guitars and pianos; songs new and old, with just enough edge to satisfy the laptop-bearing young urban hipster.

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